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Uberliss Bond Treatment Trial Kit

Regenerate broken bonds via patent pending nano-emulsion technology.

Retain 98% of your hair's tensile strength during color processing and lightening. 

The best bond builder on the market.


1. Bond Regenerator - 89 ml / 3 oz Creates crosslinks to generate new bonds in damaged hair fibers during color processing and lightening.Tensile strength remains at 98% when using 40 volume developer and powder lightener. No need for extra developer or extra processing time. 

2. Bond Shampoo - 89 ml / 3 oz

Sulfate free cleanser that preserves the newly created bonds during bond regeneration.

3. Bond Amplifier - 89 ml / 3 oz

Reinforces the newly formed bonds.  Cream-based conditioner that contains the active compound featured in Bond Regenerator.  Reduces hair porosity and eliminates combing damage. 

4. Bond Sustainer - 89 ml / 3 oz

Maintains the bonds created by the Bond Treatment. Keeps the hair healthy and strong. Preserves fiber elasticity. Perfect for salon retail. Use once a week for 10 minutes or more.