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Seiseta Russian Invisible Tape in Extensions

SEISETA “Invisible Clip-In” Hair Extensions are made with the exclusive “B-Cover” technology: a special system, that is the result of the company know-how, thanks to which the application mimics the natural hair growth from the root, guaranteeing a completely invisible result.

These innovative Hair Extensions are applicable both at the top and front of the crown and on the traditional placement of the head for a more complete color, volume and/or length effect starting from the root.

Russian Hair, smooth and silky, is the rarest and precious type of hair available in the world, for this reason the RUSSIAN LINE constitutes the flagship of the SEISETA Hair Extensions brand. These Special Hair Extensions, with a circular stem, add volume and shine ensuring exceptional results that long lasting application. with Russian Hair we can achieve very light shades of blond, from Scandinavian blond to natural white blond.

INVISIBLE Tape-In Hair Extensions allows to increase volume by 60%, creating Highlights, Ombre and color effects without the use of chemicals.


  • Re-Usable up to 5 times;
  • “Single Drawn System” with pointed effect;
  • Cuticles Intact;
  • Silicones Free;
  • 3D Colors;
  • Bond size 40 x 8 mm/1.5 x 0.3 in;
  • Available in 6 pcs packs.


40/45 cm – 16/18 in.

50/55 cm – 20/22 in.