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Healium Oxi Stop Post Service Locking Treatment 33.0 fl.oz

Just one application of OxiStop will:

Neutralize any remaining post color peroxide on contact

Normalizes the cuticle’s pH

Condition hair & soothe the scalp

Deodorize any post chemical service odor, ie: post perm

After your color formula is rinsed from clients’ hair, small remnants of developer tend to remain trapped inside the cuticle.

When first time styling heat is applied, the water content dissipates first, leaving developer remnants last.  As hair dries and moisture leaves the hair, remaining developer remnants may increase in volume strength as hair loses moisture. In some cases 10 volume remnants may increase to 80 volume before the hair is completely dry.  These peroxide remnants tend to reactivate and in most cases may cause color hue lift, inconsistent color results, damage & brassiness.

Available in liter size only

If using with Olaplex, OxiStop is used after/last.