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Compagnia Del Colore Gimme Blonde

Ultra Lift Blue Dust Free Bleaching Powder The perfect compromise between bleaching and protecting hair fibre. The powder lifts hair up to 9 levels, while the Sugar works to protects it. Hair is lightened up to 9 levels while remaining soft, shiny and conditioned.

IngredientS AND FunCTIONS The special formula contains a Polyamin Sugar Plex, a blend of Oligosaccharides and Amino Acids which protect and condition the hair during the bleaching service, without affecting the product’s lifting power. The Oligosaccharides (the sugar part of the complex) form a grid-like structure which captures and retains the water normally found in hair, preventing it from drying out. The Amino Acids have a nourishing effect, limiting loss of elasticity which can occur during bleaching and protecting the hair’s keratin structure. The Polyamin Sugar Plex works in synergy with a plant-based Oil to protect the cuticle from aggressive agents during the service, ensuring perfect bleaching every time and protecting the natural structure of the hair. The pigment is removed and hair looks glossy, soft and conditioned.

USE: for every measure (30 g) of Bleach Powder, take 60 ml (1+2) of Oxidising Milk 10, 20, 30 or 40 vol. depending on the level of lift desired and mix in a plastic bowl. Apply the cream to the hair that is to be lightened with a brush. Processing times are indicative and depend on the level of lift desired: for regular bleaching effects 10 – 15 min.; for strong bleaching effects and streaks 15 – 30 min.