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Compagnia Del Colore 4.000 Extra Intense Brown

Extra Intense Brown 4.000

COMPAGNIA DEL COLORE hair coloring lines are created by means of one of the most advanced, extensively certified and exclusively designed production technologies in the world, operating TOP-SECRET customized equipment that conduct more than 50 exclusive production process procedures, for the hermetically sealed, pharmacological manufacturing of innovative, select hair color formulations, providing maximum performance and safety.

COMPAGNIA DEL COLORE TOTAL COLOR SYSTEM: 360° of color… a wide-ranging selection of Activators and Oxidation Levels together with Innovative Low Ammonia, Low Alkaline Formulations and Non Ammonia formulations, Direct Pigmentation, Color Boosters and Lightening Powders gives creative freedom to the color specialist in the realization of specialized State-of-the-Art salon color services.