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Compagnia Del Colore 3 in 1 AID

Colour Services 3 in 1 Aid 400ml


It combines technological innovation and immediate and effective solutions.

The world of hairstylists does not turn only around the colour fashion, there is another fundamental aspect that professionals keep always permanently monitored and that is linked to innovation, or to the research of patents and technologies that makes the difference at the salon. This day and age, it seems that everything has been invented, but, when a sample of professionals was interviewed, it turn out that there are no products that make life at the salon easier.

The last innovation in Compagnia del Colore, Color Services Aid 3 in 1, was conceived with this Mission: Creating a highly innovative technology that combines in only 1 product 3 highly important advantages such as:

Providing well-being to the customer’s skin by preventing itching, irritation and reddening caused by the application of oxidation colouring and chemical treatments.
Protecting hair from dehydration by nourishing it so as to keep the keratin structure intact.
Eliminating ammonia smell when colour is mixed and applied, thanks to the perfume of the mix of the vegetal oils included.
No, it's not a chimera, Color Services Aid 3 in 1, a really revolutionary cream to be applied together with colouring that, thanks to the precious ingredients contained (Extract of calendula, St. John Wort, aloe vera and pomegranate, coconut oil and panthenol) develops three important actions on skin and hair.

A new unprecedented way of conceiving the service at the salon thanks to an exclusive technology Made in Italy signed by Compagnia del Colore.

Only one product, 3 surprising results as the integrity of the technical work developed remains unaffected. Skin and hair are protected and the head of hair keeps a healthy and nourished aspect. It can also be used together with the bleaching mix after the Waving or straightening treatment or it can be used alone directly over the skin due to a soothing-calming action thanks to the composition of the selected natural ingredients that make of the product an excellence, even from the formula viewpoint. A choice that is responsible towards the environment and customers.

Color Services Aid 3 in 1 by Compagnia del Colore, a mix of precious ingredients for a revolutionary product in a handy and convenient format, or the 400 ml tube that provides up to 20 applications.