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H2O2 Creme Developer 7 Volume 16oz

H2O2 Creme Developer 7 Volume 16oz.

Aloxxi 7 V Creme Activator is designed to be used exclusively with Aloxxi TONES to maintain a stabilized viscosity ensuring proper tonal direction and depth. The rich, creamy formula allows for easy application without dripping and is gentle to the scalp for client comfort.

Helpful Hints:

Color Developer and Timing Chart

Color Objective Mixing Ratio Development Time 
(room temp)
Development Time 
 Basic Color Blends up to 50% grey/white hair  1:2  20-25 minutes  10-15 minutes
 Color Refresher  1:2  10-15 minutes  5-10 minutes
 Toner and chemically processed hair  1:2  10-15 minutes  Not Recommended
 Intense tonal direction  1:1  20-25 minutes  10-15 minutes
 Blends over 50% grey/white hair  1:1  30-40 minutes  15-20 minutes

Fine hair is more receptive to hair color; therefore less development time is needed.