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Special One Semi-Permanent Mask

Special One Semi-Permanent Mask

Semi-permanent masks to be used to give shine and brilliance to a matted color both natural and dyed, enhance the reflections of colors, natural or gray hair, color previously bleached and treated strands with Bleach & Color, make prepigmentation of color, tone méches or sun shots, in a simple and fast way.
In addition to the 22 colors in the folder that can be mixed together to give life to countless shades of color, there are 000 Pastels to be used in combination with the desired colored mask, in varying percentage, depending on the desired pastel reflection.
In a restructuring and moisturizing base with intense penetration are combined high-definition color pigments that in a few minutes, revive and enhance the desired color.

Active ingredients:

  • Blue Lotus: lotus flower extract, with a high anti-aging vitamin content, increases the duration of color. Reduces water absorption by speeding up hair drying
  • Baobab oil: rich in antioxidant vitamin C, nourishing, elasticizing. Excellent help to strengthen keratin, gives body to hair
  • Vitamin A and E specific to reduce color aging keeps hair shiny and shin

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