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Why does hair color fade?

January 20, 2019

Hair Cuticle Coverline Color fading

Why does hair color fade? One reason is the shampoo that you use. Remember from the earlier post it is about ph! So a low ph shampoo will help to hold the color is. Also how far the cuticle shaft is open. Meaning that if the cuticle shaft was blown open to deposit a large hair color pigment or molecule then it can take a long time if ever to repair the damaged hair. That is why over the course of time that hair color fades faster especially on the ends. So the deal is this go as low as of can on ph.

The hair reflects light so when the cuticle shaft is open it sucks the light back and the hair looks dull.  A closed smooth cuticle hair shaft allows the light to bounce off of the hair to give additional shine.