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What is hair color and why does it work and what does it do to our hair?

January 20, 2019

 What is why it works and what it does to our hair.

First let's talk about PH. The range goes from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral. Most experts believe that the average human hair though is Slightly above 5 ph. So why is this important? The normal ph of hair is healthy. Hair that is healthy will keep the color into the hair. Let me remind the readers that there is nothing natural about hair color.  So the closer to normal PH is the key to hair color.

The next thing that we need to understand is ammonia or mea. Ammonia and mea are both used to open the hair shaft to deposit the color. Mea is a synthetic chemical that can stay on your hair for up to 2 weeks. Also as far as I can tell the lowest ph that it can open to is 10.1. Ammonia has a chemical law that it dissipates at .5 percent per 1/2 hour.  So if a hair color is 4 percent that means after approx 8 hours the ammonia is gone.

So the question is how low of a ph can hair color go and still deposit. The answer is .5 percent. Meaning that before the after 30 minutes the ammonia is gone and your hair only opens to a ph of 8.5 percent. To put this in perspective ocean water is approx 8.0 ph.

That is a lot of information but we need to inform you because the next posts. Will be talking about hair damage and color fading.